Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm wearing Debenhams

Last night, I saw sitting on top of my desk a very gracious surprise from my team mates that sure made my day a little bit brighter.

So, there I was... already exhausted from finishing up with gym and conducting a meeting for our company's iLEADs, I was preparing for another night of crossing out items from my daily task list when I saw this package waiting for me in my desk.

My team mates' gift for me on my b-day. Sooweeettt!!!

The little boy inside of me broke out a mischievous grin and my heart did little summersaults and backflips while I read the card that said...

"To our beloved TL. Our little gift to let you know that we appreciate you!!!"
--Team Babylonians--

I've always known that I am working together with the best team there is... Thanks a million team mates... You make everything worthwhile!!!

Again.. to my team mates... THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

PS: (I'll wear it tonight.. I hope it fits well..)

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