Thursday, September 30, 2010

Controlling Villain : I Love You!

I wish for a lot of things to happen in our relationship for me to feel pure bliss. But for now, it's enough.

I love you babe!

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Two months! Cool...

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

An Easy Read: Zoo-Wee MAMA!!!

Yesterday, as I was about to go home from work, I saw a book on top of my co-TL's desk. It was a copy of one of the popular books these days "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" by Jeff Kinney.

Apparently, TL Chris forgot to bring it home with her. It might get lost just lying around on top of her table so I just brought it home with me.

After my Friday night out with a few of my friends, I came home Saturday morning still not sleepy. So for lack of anything else to do (I'm done with my Twitter, Facebook and Blogger update), I picked it up and started to read.

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ZOO-WEE MAMA!!! Two hours have passed and just like that, I'm done with the 217-page book. I'm not just sure if it was that the book was an easy read or that it has been such a long time that I picked a book that I gobbled the first one that crossed my path.

The book is intended for middle school kids struggling to fit in any of the cliques around them. It empowers the average kid to stand up on his own and be proud of what and who he is. It is definitely not a book for me, especially when our school system is completely different from that in the US.

But anyway, as I said, it was an easy read. With the cartoon drawings and all, no wonder it is selling fast. Comparing it with this though...

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I'd choose Pugad Baboy.. always!! Proud to be Pinoy...

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

When I heard myself ON-AIR!!!

Last Tuesday after work at 7AM, I got into my car and started driving for home. Of course, automatic on my radio is my morning ritual, The Hilary and Scotty Show at Jam 88.3. I am not really an FM radio kind of person but my boyfriend told me how he really likes Scotty's accent so I listened to one of their shows about a month ago and I was hooked!!

These two DJ's just give me the kicks in my morning drive back home. I work in the graveyard shift and get off at 7AM so not only do they make me laugh with their witty comments (from Hilary) and their funny antics (mostly from Scotty. LOL), they actually save my life by keeping me awake while driving until their show ends at 9AM.

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So, going back to my story, Tuesday at 7AM I tuned in and I heard that they will be giving away advance screening passes for the movie "Legend of the Guardians" if you win in one of their game segment called "Scotty Doesn't Know."

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The thing was, they apparently mentioned the exact time they were gonna play the game at their first hour and since I tuned in at the start of their second one, all I got were teasers saying they were gonna play it at their third hour (the exact time, they already mentioned once.)

So at their third hour, prior to the game time, I dialed and was mercilessly teased about it (in a nice way, that is.) They did warn us listeners that they're gonna do it to the unlucky person who gets trigger happy with their phones.

Even though it was a major, major boo-boo from me, I was just so happy that I successfully connected with an actual radio station and, for the first time, heard myself on air. I tried it before when I was in college just to broadcast some greetings but I could never get through.

Anyway, Scotty invited me to call again at the appointed hour (8:20am pala) and I did just that. Luckily for me that day, I was the chosen contestant. Wohooo!!!

The question posed by Hilary to Scotty was: "How often does you stomach lining change so that the acid in the stomach, which should destroy the food, won't destroy the abdominal wall?"

Thankfully for me, Scotty is no expert in human anatomy except for one part of his body, (his heart, duh!!!) so when he answered 13 days, I just figured that the probability of him guessing the right answer from hundreds of possible answer is very, very, very slim so I answered, "Naaahh, Scotty wouldn't know the answer to that." And I was right PEOPLE!!!!

Of course I was nervous the whole time. But since both DJ's were very accommodating, it was an easy ordeal. And the best thing of it all, I got free tickets!!! Woohooo!!!

I am "cordially invited". LOL

The tickets look good!!! I still have it.:-)

So yesterday morning, I got up to Jam 88.3's office at Strata 2000 building in Ortigas center to claim my tickets. When I got to the station, there was a huge glass window and inside was Hilary and Scotty doing their Wednesday show.

I was sooo shy that I didn't even have the courage to say hello to them both. Or just say thanks for the tickets (stupid me.. and ungrateful at that.. yikesss. what would ms. manners say.) I came inside and since Manong Guard was not on his station, I had to wait for him to come back.

Overall, it was great experience. I am definitely a fan for life now. Plus, I got free movie tickets (READ: Advanced screening tickets) with it came the bragging rights that in the entire country, I was part of a small group that saw the film first. :-).

So if you like to catch them both, tune in to Jam 88.3 FM between 6am-9am Mondays to Thursdays or go to their website Add them on Facebook "The Hilary and Scotty Show", Twitter at @hilaryisaac @scottylive .

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

When UP got it's Revenge it ended on Twitter's TT

It could be said that the Filipinos have dominated Twitter already!!! For hours today, millions of Pinoys all over the world (with the help of The Filipino Channel) made UAAP Cheerdance Competition as the top 1 in the list of trending topics for what seemed like hours.

At one point during the event, Pinoys grabbed 6 spots of the top 10 trending topics and I would like to think that my humble contribution helped in making that happen.

Tweets raging from the second by second recount of the 3.5-hour long event to the bloopers, predictions and team chants flooded the web.

Top tweets were:

@jaaazz08 BREAKING NEWS: Ateneo apologizes to Twitter for using the Twitter Bird as props for the UAAP Cheerdance Competition. :))

@artslave Ateneo owe twitter an apology after using their infamous twitter bird as a mascot #UAAP CHeerdance Competition

@carlomer UP used sunflowers because they're afraid zombies might eat what they have -- brains! #UAAP Cheerdance Competition

@INQUIRERSports Order of performances for the #UAAP CheerdanceCompetition: 1. UE 2. UST 3. La Salle 4. ADMU 5. FEU 6. UP 7. ADU 8. NU. It starts at 2pm.

@albertowz UAAP Cheerdance Competition squad themes: ADMU= twitter FEU= dragon ball Z UST= cats musical UP= plants vs zombies NU= billboard sa edsa

@philippineblogs Twitter rejects Ateneo apology. ADMU gets disqualified in the UAAP Cheerdance Competition for unauthorized use of the Twitter bird.

Almost 22 thousand live audiences were at the Araneta Coliseum on a fine Sunday afternoon to witness the win of UP Pep Squad, who finally had it's bragging rights after never winning any of the 14 UAAP basketball games that Pinoys also watch avidly (UP ended at 0-14 for UAAP Season 73)

The last time that I watched UAAP's Cheerdance Competition was last 2008 when UP emerged as the champion. UP was then celebrating their 100th Founding Anniversary.

The year 2009 championship went to FEU and in both years, UST was not far behind, ending in the top 3.

This year, 2010, all three above-mentioned schools once again dominated the top 3 spots with FEU getting the #2 and UST the #3 places.

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT: The place to be on 11.02.2010

The much awaited 13th installment of the fantasy saga "Wheel of Time" will be released on November 2, 2010.

Brandon Sanderson has taken the ink and quill that were left behind by the original author Robert Jordan who passed away without seeing the completion of his lifelong work.

This saga has been in my life for the past 11 years now (I will blog about how I became enmeshed with the Third Age soon).

"Towers of Midnight" will be the first of three parts of the original 13th book of the Wheel of Time. I appreciate TOR splitting the last part of the saga because I know Robert Jordan has a lot of plots and subplots to close for its readers.

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Rejoice WoT fanatics. TOR has created a trailer to keep the fires burning of those who are itching to get their own copy. When I saw the clip, all I could wish for is for a giant movie producing company to take on the task to get this into a movie.

Even if they ask me to pay P1,000 for the ticket, I will scrape all my savings and watch each part at least 5 times. I'M DEAD SERIOUS!!!

For the full details of this video, please visit

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Bekimon Craze

Over the past few weeks, with my internet connection being as fast as it is (thanks PLDT myDSL), I have taken to browsing YouTube for funny clips.

I finally stumbled upon the videos of Bekimon... "Ang baklang jejemon." Apparently, this guy has been around the web for quite sometime and I must admit that he just cracks me up.

The Bekimon Saga started with this pair of videos (Note: Subtitles were added for those who, like me, would have a hard time understanding gay lingo...)

You can watch the collection of Bekimon's videos in the film maker's page

Now, if you weren't convinced with the two videos above, then better watch this.

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Friday, September 3, 2010

When V-Power Sang a Carol

Now who would have thought that this video was just lurking in the internet waiting to be found. Thanks Gie for advertising this.

I was laughing like crazy... Who would've thought Virgie could strut like that. And look at Cris (Ton-Ton). Hahaha!!!

Cast of Characters

In Costume: Mariel Zulueta and LA Santiano
Background Groupie: Mariel Navarro, Virgie Garrido, Maricar Tacsiat and Chris Lim (aka. TON-TON)

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