Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Resurface of the Chlorinated Brain

I've told myself at the start of the year that I should have been more active in the blogging world but even though I've had my DSL connected at home, I can't seem to type a single word in the laptop to complete my travel blogs. As you might see in the last post, I haven't even completed my Pagudpod roadtrip... so just to give an update on my adventures, I will just give everyone a rundown on my roadtrips and after Pagudpod.

This is so I won't have a reason to procrastinate because everytime I thought of updating my blog, I automatically feel the burden of going back a few months/weeks to recount where I've been.

I apologize if I'm not going to be able to expand on the details of my roadtrips but we'll have to make do until I can get an inspiration to regale you with my escapades.

  • Ligpo Island (April 24-25, 2010)
    • Frankie, Ricky, JM and I went to an island in Batangas for a weekend of fun. The best part of the trip was our bonding moment on our drinking session when nighttime of Saturday came.

  • Anawangin Cove Roadtrip (May 15 - 16, 2010)
    • It was a great time with my Chupachups Gang (Kirby, Gab and Melvin) because we got to do a real deal camping. No electricity, no cellphones, no computers.. just pure bliss. Plus, I got to eat the biggest and most delicious Taco ever. HAPPINESS!!!

  • Bohol Trip (June 3 - 5, 2010)
    • I consider this as my first ever venture in Visayas. Sure I've been to Puerto Galera and Kalibo, Aklan before but it just feels like you've never been to Visayas unless you've stepped foot in Cebu City. GMACi peeps.. thanks for the wonderful company.
So far, that's it. I'll have pictures uploaded soon and I'll try to expound further on the things that happened during the trip so watch out for that...

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