Monday, July 19, 2010

Convergys Treats the Team Leaders to a Retreat

Me:                    Catchers Ready!!!
Group:                READY!!!
Me:                    Falling!!!
Group:               FALL!!!
Me:                    I'm scared... (waaah)

That was exactly the feelling that I had a second before I had to fall on the ground on my back without assurance that I will be caught by my team mates.

I just came back from the CVG1 Team Leader's Team Building in Meralco Management and Leadership Development Center (MMLDC) located at Sumulong Highway in Antipolo City where we had to do several activities designed to bring all the team leaders of the site closer together.

It was the first time that I saw half of the supervisors in the building and it was a great opportunity to network with people who does the same things that I do day after day.

The event was slated for two days (July 18 and 19) and one of the activities that had the lines above was aptly called "Trust Fall", because you literally had to trust your team mates to catch you as you fall.

Me: Falling!!!
Group: FALL!!!

Overall, it was a great experience and it was nice of the company to give us something to do to take our minds off office work while giving us the opportunity to network with our peers.
On top of all that, our Red Team (Team PATAteam) won the overall championship for all the games so not a bad trip at all.

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