Monday, July 26, 2010

Chapter 26: Acknowledgements

“ Today is the day my life begins. Today, I become a citizen of the world. Today, I become a grown up. Today, I become accountable to someone other than myself and my parents. Today, I become accountable to the world, to the future, to all the possibilities that life has to offer. Starting today, my job is to show up, wide eyed and willing and ready. For what? I don’t know. For anything. For everything. To take on life. To take on love. To take on the responsibility and possibility. Today, my friends, our lives begin. And I for one, can’t wait. “

The above excerpt was from an episode of Grey's Anatomy and now, more than ever, that quote has more meaning to me.

Two days ago, I formally turned a year past a quarter of a century.

To start off the new chapter in my book, I'd like to give acknowledgements to those who took away some time from their busy schedules to greet me.

To my beloved Nanay, Tito Lando, Princess, Bjang, Rhobee, RV: Thanks for the phonecall greeting. I appreciated it. I love you all. When I heard your voices, I suddenly missed home. Terribly.

Bestfriends (Lifetime): Tin and Cors, I know I owe you big time because I did not reply to your messages. I'll somehow make it up to you. I know that.

Jacq, Apol, Sixwan, Toto, Liezel: Thanks much. Tuloy tayo sa July 31 ha. GO MARCHING MORONS!!!

Ngeric, Sang, Jezreel, Aidz, Cares, Shiela: The best time of my work life has been with Team Penguin. You guys rock!!!

Aizita: Your message was definitely a boost of confidence. My mind suddenly drifted to when we were starting out as QSPs. I always thought you were destined for great things. Terrible.. but great!!! (hehehe.. jowk lang)

Virgie: Missing you always friend. I need to be invited to your baby's Christening, okay???

Edan and Ricky: To my Galera buddies.. thanks. (Edan, you might have gotten it the other way around. You were supposed to give me presents and not ask for one. Hehehe.)

Urville: Your greeting was a bit early but I'm thankful all the same.

Mirano: Salamat sa pagbati. Libre mo naman ako ng kape.. Hehehe

Kirby, Makoy, Emjei, Geoff, Mommy Dina, Shamela, Marie, Noodles, Angel, Krishbarn, Frankie, LA, Johann, Cherdie, She-she, Momay (Mariel Acayan), Ate Carrel: Thank you so much GMACi team mates. You make working a fun activity instead of a grueling and boring means to earn money.

Yazz: You were the first to greet me in FB. So may special mention ka.

Mercy, Saling and Shiela: Thank you so much for the FB private messages. I appreciated it

Caree, TL Jasper, Cel, June: The text messages were heartwarming. Thanks a bunch!!!

Jenny, Boss Eugene and Boss Bam: Thanks for the greetings.

April, SOM Lee, Mayu, Zhyte, Che, Febz; OM (I mean SOM) Jigger; Pat: I miss Bellsouth!!! Thank you all for remembering…

Joie: I'm doing well Joie. Thanks for the greetings. We never did push through with our planned trips. Hehehe.

Tinang, Ces: The only Pokimishi Rank who greeted me. Thanks for remembering.

Shelwyn: Thanks for the Virtual Starbucks present. I'd appreciate it more if it was the real thing. Hehehe. We gotta see each other soon to catch up.

Joy: Thanks much!!

Joey Yao, OM Pao: Salamat

Palban: Hihintayin ko yung regalo mula sa Middle East

Ava, TL Nath: Miss the TWC peeps. Thanks for the greeting.

So there you are!!! If I missed mentioning anyone, I apologize. Just comment here and I'll immedately edit my blog.

Now that's settled!!!


Oh!!! There's the booze!!!


  1. oi, belated happy birthday!

  2. Thanks..thanks.. sino 'to?? Hehehe "Anonymous" kasi ang lumalabas eh..

  3. belated happy bday! :)