Sunday, October 31, 2010

Guess what my favorite scene is

I saw this music video from Katy Perry and there was this one scene where I wish I had a mirror in front of me so I could have seen what my face looked like.

"You don't have to feel like a waste of space"

I love it..

This video is not mine. No intended copyright infringement
Video from: YouTube

Can you guess what scene it was???

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Wedding Singer: The Musical

When Kurt told me that he was able to score 2 tickets to the musical, "The Wedding Singer", and that he needed someone to go with, I did not hesitate to accept the invite on the spot.

Photo from: 9 Works Theatrical
The ticket is for tomorrow, Friday at 8PM in Meralco Theather. (I will make sure to give you all a recap of my musical night.

I already missed Xanadu in RCBC last September, I did not plan on missing this one.

Party Pilipinas mainstay singer Gian Magdangal plays the lead male role while Iya Villania partners him to play the role of Julia Sullivan, the role of Drew Barrymore of the movie version.

Photo from: The Wedding Singer Musical - Manila
Photo from: The Wedding Singer Musical - Manila
You can check out the cast of characters on this link: CAST

I'm sure I will be singing along when Gian Magdangal starts singing "Grow Old With You."

Well then.. Until tomorrow peeps...

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Runway Tagay... or should I say Roadtrip Tagay??

It was another adventure of me and my car, Randy, last weekend.

My friend, Akihiro, invited me last two weeks ago to tag along with him and his friends on their planned trip to the beach. Of course, I was a willing participant once they mentioned roadtrip and beach together in a sentence.

We planned on meeting in Makati @4am Saturday morning. I was prepared to spend Friday night resting and preparing for the trip but to no avail.

My other friend, Ricky, texted and asked me if I want to go to a bar in Ortigas. He knows someone from the inside that included us in the guest list. That's why I found myself, Ricky and his housemate, Ken, drinking and dancing Friday night in a crowded "O Bar" in Ortigas. It was only a little bit later that I found out that the Liquor Ban would start on Sunday, that's why the gay guys in the metro were so intent in gorging themselves with alcohol. Hehehe.

O Bar Ortigas
2/F Ortigas Home Depot
Julia Vargas, Ortigas, Pasig City
Anyway, after a couple of vodka tonic, I looked at my watch and it was already Saturday morning @ 5am. Akihiro was definitely pissed when his cab pulled in front of the bar. I texted him that I would just hang out at the bar until our meeting time earlier that night. I did not know that the inside of the club did not have any cellphone signal and that he has been calling me since 4am.

Well, I just used my charm to make him forget my transgression and fortunately, with a little bit of smile and profuse apologies, it was all water under the bridge. We picked up 3 more of his friends to carpool with us in Cubao and we were on our way.

By almost 9:30am, we arrived at the beach and boy!!!! It was RELAXING!!!

I still don't have my own camera so I just browsed the internet to give you a glimpse of what I saw. You can check this link for the pictures... PUNDAQUIT BEACH.

Photo from: Lawstude's Journeys
It was already Sunday afternoon that we decided to head back to Manila, but not before we pass by my personal favorite Taco Shop in Olonggapo City (Near Subic Freeport).


Hard-Shell Taco
Soft-Shell Taco
All in all, it was a great weekend. I wonder where our (me and my car) next adventure would be. Who would I be with?

Wanna come with?

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Career Day

Our company just had our "Career Day" last night and I must say, I was very surprised with the turnout because almost all (except for 1 or 2) participated in the event. I actually had fun preparing for it.

Just to give you some of the highlights of the event, here are some of the pictures that were taken.

The last two pictures were of the management team, who also dressed up for the event. This morning, Facebook was littered with picture uploads and comments regarding the event.

Now, everyone is waiting to know who the winning team is.

The team who wins gets P1,500 cash prize and P3,000 worth of team dinner.

UPDATE: As of Wednesday, 10/20/2010, Team Viper was announced as the winner with Team Babylonians at a close second placer. Team Insomniacs grabbed the 3rd place and Team Gutzy and Team Unlimited settled for 4th and 5th place, respectively.

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Star-studded Monday

So! After pigging out last Saturday and gorging myself with alcohol on Sunday, it just meant that my weekend house chores were left undone. It was a good thing that I was on PTO (vacation leave) that Sunday because that is supposed to be the start of my workweek. I have the entire morning of Monday to catch up.

Laundry being done before noon, I headed to the gym and got a good workout. I was working the weights when in comes....

Photo from:
Now, the gym being a "celebrity gym," they frown upon regular customers encroaching on the privacy of their more famous customers, and considering my uber shyness, I was content with getting glimpses of him while working out (see my other blog about the gym)

After the beef-show, I went to the gym's 3rd floor for my cardio and ....

Photo from:
There was Hilary Isaac, getting ready to start her boxing session. I'm sure I've mentioned Hilary before in my other post. If you like to follow her on Twitter, you can do so @hilaryisaac.

So all in all, it was a pretty star-studded Monday. (Darn it! I sure wish I can come up with funny witticisms like Ms. Chuniverse coz I'm sure that it would make my blog more interesting to read. But sad to say, I can only recount what happened without the added puns so you'll just have to make do.)

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Chunky Boy's with the Boss

After the curry overload last Saturday, my Boss texted me on Sunday because Convergy's Sportsfest is about to end and our program grabbed the 3rd spot of the Volleyball Tournament. To show my support, I went to "The Zone" but just a tad late because the awarding ceremony already ended when I arrived.

And in celebration to that great feat by our volleyball team, our Boss treated us to a watering hole called Chunky Boy's.

Photo from: Facebook
If you had a hard days work and you and your friends/workmates would like to unwind a bit until the rush hour traffic has come and gone, you might wanna try this place out.

Chunky Boy is located at Ground Level, Units M and N, Lotus Tower Oriental Gardens, Pasong Tamo cor. Export Bank Ave. Makati City. You can call them up at 728-5588 or you can add them on Facebook: click this link

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Kirby's Curry-Birthday

It was my friend's birthday last weekend so last Saturday we decided to visit Tagaytay to celebrate. It took us about 2 hours of driving from Makati but it was an easy drive because it's a welcome relief from the hustle and bustle of the urban life.

Kirby and Gab found this wonderful Indian restaurant called "Andanita Taj in Tagaytay" and that really got me craving for some curry-overloaded delicacies during the days leading to Saturday.

I can assure you, you'll definitely love the mild sting of curry in the delicious, good-for-two-servings of their bestsellers.

Here are some pictures of ours:

Indian food to tickle your buds
From left: Me, Kirby, Gab and Melvin

Sated: The gang after finishing plates of Indian food.
After that sumptuous meal, we had to stopover at Starbucks Tagaytay (in front of Magallanes Square) to digest the humongous amount of food that we just gobbled.

For the last time: HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIRBY!!! Thanks for a wonderful time...

@Starbucks Tagaytay
For more information about the restaurant, you can "Like" them on Facebook at

Or you can visit their site at:

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