Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Towels for Rent

Effective August 9, 2010, my favorite Gold's Gym branch (Glorietta 3) has started to generate more revenue, not by raising the member's monthly dues but to rather rent out their previously-free towels.

Before yesterday, the gym's towels are loaned free of charge to its members and I really found it extremely trouble-free. There was no need to bring a bulky towel and go through the hassle of adding more to your laundry.

The new towel rental rates are as follows:

Bath Towel        = P35.00
Gym Towel        = P25.00

Or you can rent both for P50.00

I guess I would need to get used to bring my own towels then... I definitely don't want to have to pay P50.00 each time I go to the gym.

Though I wouldn't mind him offering me his towels though. I always see him working out in this gym... Hehehe.

Daniel Matsunaga

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