Sunday, January 24, 2010

When the time traveller meets the lawyer...

January 20 & 21, 2010 (HTO's)

I actually didn't have big plans when I filed for a 2-day HTO last week. I just wanted some rest, as I always do from time to time, and I had an exciting book to finish just in case I get bored resting. The week before last, my date (from my earlier blog entitled "On the weekend that was... January 15-17") loaned me "The Time Traveller's Wife" by Audrey Niffegger and voila! I found a reason to stay at home and just be a slob for a couple of days.

What initially caught my interest was that this book was already adapted into a movie, played by Troy's Hector, Eric Bana, so it promised a good read.

Just to give you a preview:
"Henry DeTamble is a time traveler, although not by choice. A genetic mutation causes him to spontaneously travel through time, disappearing from view, leaving behind his clothes and possessions, and arriving naked in another time and another place. For the most part, this is a curse. Henry often has to turn to petty crime to feed and clothe himself when he travels, and must run from people, thugs, or the police. Eventually Henry returns to his present time, bringing only the bodily injuries he's suffered back with him. Sometimes he travels back in time and visits an earlier version of himself. One of the places to which he travels often is the meadow behind Clare's house, and throughout her younger years, Clare meets him there and falls in love with him." - Review by W. R. Greer

After finishing the book, I got the same satisfaction that I got when I read "P.S. I Love You" by Cecilia Ahern sometime in the past. Both had the same striking effect that tells you, "time is not a barrier" when celebrating the joys of love and romance. Now, I don't usually like reading romantic novels but I sometimes lapse into my quixotic side and I guess this was one of those few moments.

I especially liked the end of the story when Claire and Henry met again for the last time because it transcended the impossible... Well, just read the book and you'll understand what I mean. LOL.

January 22, 2010 (Back to the present.)

After that hiatus in romance-land, I was more than happy to get out of the house and level the overflowing emotions I usually get after finishing a book. My date and I went to Starbucks-Araneta to just hang out a bit then proceeded to Palawan Dos in Cubao.

I was really glad we went there because the performers were really hilarious and I had a really good time.

When we came in, there were two stand-up gay comediennes entertaining the crowd. They asked people to come up on stage and sing a song, but of course, they were not spared with the satirical harmless remarks along the way.

Afterwards, we were treated with their production number that included imitations of famous movie quotes and scripts, some song numbers and some lip-synching on the side. And all of the aforementioned were done with numerous costume changes.

The best part? My date actually knew the entertainment manager of the 3 Palawan bars and I got to meet one of their performers, the one impersonating Sarah Geronimo. It was a star-struck moment for me because they were really good. I almost asked for her autograph.

If you ever want to relax a bit, then I suggest that you visit the place. Tip: The production numbers are at its best during Friday and Saturday nights.

After the performance, the stage will then be transformed into a dance stage. Whew!!! The stage had some hot men in it dancing on top of it, topless!!!


January 23, 2010: I'm the designated driver

Saturday morning, Tita and Panget pushed through with their plans to go shopping at Divisoria and they begged me to drive them over there. Since I just recently borrowed new books to read from "my date", I just planned on waiting for them in the coffee shop near Divisoria.

Well, I sat down, opened my borrowed copy of "The Street Lawyer" by John Grisham and bam!!! Before I knew it, 3 hours have passed and Tita and Panget were done with their shopping at the same time that I finished the book.

It rarely fails for any of John Grisham's books to turn out to be another page-turner and this one was no exception. I was just a bit disappointed that the story was short because I would have liked for the story to drag on longer and culminate in an actual court battle between Michael Brock and Mordecai Green on one side, fighting for the rights of the homeless, and Arthur Jacobs with his firm Drake & Sweeney on the other side.

But still, the story was an entertaining breed of its own in the arena of US courtroom drama.

January 24, 2010: Back to work...

Well, it's the start of the new work week for me again so I'll get right on to it.

So, until the next weekend. This coming one presents some exciting possibilities because it the weekend after the salary. Hehehe.

I'll let you know how it turns out, OK?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Plan for tomorrow…” – 2010 AND BEYOND

I have always liked creating my New Years resolution. I always look forward to making another change in life. Not that I regretted how my previous year turned out but rather, I learned so much from the things that I did before and I love it that with the dawn of a new year, you get that chance to make the new year in your life, much, much better.

I know, I know, some would say that I need not wait for the turn of the New Year to change for the better but there’s a certain novelty with creating your New Year’s resolution and I personally get more motivation knowing that I can leave most of the things behind and look forward to tomorrow. So, with that, I hope you'll indulge me, here’s my New Year’s resolution.

1. Document my life

I have always wanted to document important things that happened to me. You know the travels that I made, the ideas that just popped up my mind which would make a really good article, the movies that I liked and the books that changed my life. Therefore, I created this blog.

Lord knows how many times I tried to create a diary, but I get so bored writing down stuff. It’s more exciting to have a virtual memory that stores it all. It’s easy to access plus,  it’s multi-media. Cool!!!

2. Document my work

Unfortunately, I had difficulties managing my time at work last year because I failed to document everything. My daily task list was in disarray, my files were all over and my schedule was in such a mess that I had to work 14-hour wprk shifts.

This year, I will make sure to always note the important things, finish all items in my daily task list and to remember the topics that me and my agents talked about, I will make sure to always list down our agreed upon resolution. That way, they can’t say that they did not agree to it (wink).

3. Travel more

Well, it’s not really to travel more because I kinda do this a lot already, I guess, it’s more on cataloging my travels so that I know where I’ve been already. My team mate Kirby just told me the other day that he is also planning on creating a TravelBlog and I recommended the site to him.

I think you feel more satisfied with your trip if you have a lasting memento of it. Others like buying trademark products of the place, and some take pictures of the attractions. As a writer, it feels just right to write about these places and describe our thoughts when we were there. Of course, you can add the traditional pictures with your blog so you get the best of both worlds.

Good luck to Kirby and me on this item.

4. Get fitter

I applied for a gym membership starting February 1 at Gold’s Gym. I didn’t want to start right away last January 1 because I know a lot of people would have the same resolution as me and the fitness gyms would be swarming with people. I think that one month into the year, I’d find lesser gym-goers. I just like it better that way.

Summer Grind is fast approaching so I better start cranking those weights soon.

Well, that’s pretty much it. I didn’t want to create too much goals because the 4 mentioned above is already a big load. One step at a time and I hope to make a habit of all these 4.

I've already started 1, 2 and 3 and I hope to be able to sustain all 4 until the end of the year of 2010. I’ll give you an update from time to time on where I am at on these 4. Wish me luck!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

On the weekend that was... January 15-17


What a weekend that was that just went by. On the last day of my work week, I initially planned on the following activities:

Friday morning: Laundry day. My dirty clothes are piling up.
Friday night: Go out on a date
Saturday afternoon: Team Building with the management team of my work
Saturday night: LA's despedida

It's the start of a wonderful weekend...

Well, almost all of my planned activities did push through except for some.

Friday morning: I prepared to do my laundry that morning by soaking my laundry in soapy water the night before. I texted my cousin, Panget, to buy me surgical gloves that I can use because my hands bruise easily when doing laundry and I did not want to spend the week after with the bruise. To my dismay, Panget failed to buy the gloves so I ended up washing my car instead. Badtrip.

Chlorinated Brain's Love Life.. wushuu!!!

Friday night: I met my date at SM Bicutan and we proceeded to SM MOA with me driving my car. We went out and bought our tickets for "DayBreakers". The movie was a surprise because both me and my date enjoyed it.

Just to give you a synopsis: The year is 2019. Imagine being in a world where everyone is a vampire and humans are near extinction. The remaining humans are being hunted and farmed!!!, yup, farmed for their blood. Almost everything in your daily life revolves around the vampire's food. You wanna buy coffee? Would you want it with 20% Human Blood?  Daytime world is deserted while the night time swarms with active life, vampire life that is. The kids go to school at night time and everyone is immortal. But what happens when human blood is dwindling and their source is nowhere to be found?... Watch the movie and find out for yourself.

Prior to the movie, we had our dinner at Coco Grill and I ordered Fried Hito because I was craving for some fish. It was mouth-watering. I didn't even wait for the rice before I started digging in. Hehe.

After the movie, date and I went clubbing at O Bar in Malate. It was really nice to just go out and enjoy your night. I had a good time.

The famous "Fried Hito" LOL

Why was it cancelled???

Saturday afternoon: Unfortunately, our team building at work did not push through for some unknown reason. It was cancelled so abruptly that my fellow team leader, Virgie, even brought her change of clothes with her in preparation to our team building. So instead of staying at home, I went to MOA to do some wi-fi stuff.

Weekend's "LA"st Hurrah!!! Au Revoir LA.

Saurday night: I fetched my team mate MJ at the office because I kinda promised her that I would since we could not find a schedule swap for her to be out of the office last Saturday. So instead of a possible Lost Hours, I just agreed to drive her to LA's despedida

Well, both MJ and I were not disappointed because Clownz Quezon Ave was jampacked. The comedians/comediennes were very funny and it was so refreshing to just laugh out loud. Thanks LA for a wonderful night.

Me and LA (it is flying off to Singapore)                  

From left: Party girl LA, me, MJ, Chris and Marie

Back to work life...

Well, Sunday came and I had to be back at the office at 3am early Sunday morning but with the weekend activities that I had, I was more than willing to battle the work week ahead. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed living it. Until next week!!! Ciao.

(Ooops, I failed to mention. I spent the rest of the Friday night at date's house. Unfortunately, I don't kiss and tell on this part so, Sayonara!!)

And if you were wondering about my laundry, it was just done early Monday... Hahaha.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Stone breaks and steel shatters

Sometimes, we make ourselves harder like a stone for us not to be hurt by anyone. We put steel in our backbones and we don’t let our emotions flaw our logic. But oftentimes, we also forget that stones could break easily and steel can be shattered.

If faced with hardships in life, we try to make ourselves unaffected by our emotions. We outwardly project that we are fine, even to those closest to our hearts. We vow that no one should be allowed to hurt us and inadvertently, or otherwise, we create a barrier in our heart to the people that cares for us most.

One of the biggest regret that I have in life is that I don’t let people in on my innermost feelings. I start to create a friendship with someone and just when the friendship starts to go deep, I hear alarm bells in my head and I try to sabotage it.

I can only consider two friends in my life that came too close to breaking down the walls that I have created. They have been my friends for over ten years now and even though we’ve shared a lot of experiences already, I still find it hard to let them see the real me. Over the past I have marred our closeness by lying to them on several occasions. I’ve told them the truth eventually and they have accepted and trusted me again as before.

At work, I portray a different face. I am the positive Lester, the never-sad-always-bubbly version of me. I always reason out that the job needs it. Time and time again, I tried to change how I act at work and to start being the real me but I always fail because as a narcissistic gay man, I have the need to be accepted. I still let the perceptions of others affect me greatly.

I’ve had relationships before and not one of them have I opened up completely. Even from the start, I have already raised my shield by offering false pretenses.

I have always envied those that could open up entirely to the people that they trust. You see Grey’s Anatomy and you just wonder how easy it is for them to let their friends in on their lives. I think the reason why I am fascinated by the series is because it has been my frustration to have someone that I can completely open up to. If only life is a TV series.

I’m saying this not because I want you to pity me nor do I say this because I don’t like how my life turned out to be, but rather, I am writing this with hope that somehow, in the future I can learn to share all that I have to offer. I let you in on my little secret in as my way to get another chance for you to see the real me.

I have grown tired of being hard as stone. It is cold to have a steel backbone.

Friend, I hope you don’t reject the real me. I’m still the same inside and the face I have shown you before bore a semblance of who I really am, just not the whole package.

It is a dawn of a new day. This change in me is neither the beginning nor the ending. But it is a really good start.

Friday, January 1, 2010

How do you measure a year in a life: A tribute to 2009

     "How do you measure a year in a life?"
      Let me measure it with the new friends that I met, the old ones that I kept and the loved ones that I hold dear to my heart.

*TEAM BABYLONIANS - Thanks for giving me the opportunity to lead. Thank you so much for the respect that you've freely offered. I hope to be able to return back, with the utmost of my abilities, the recognition that you deserve.
*TEAM GMACI - You have given me a new home. Thank you so much. Boss Eugene, Boss Jade, Jenny, Carlo, Justin, Virgie, Jasper and Cris. Thanks a lot for all the help. I am so lucky to be a part of a group of seasoned leaders.
*TEAM POKIMISHI RANK - I owe you so much. You were the first team that I handled and I wish that I had the experience that I have now when I was working with you. You should have had all the best and I'm afraid I may not have given you all that you deserve.
*TEAM TWC - It was a short-lived acquaintance yet you have given me the wings to fly and the wits to handle any work-related obstacle that I have now. Boss Kookie, Boss Gerard, cluster mates, Egie, Nikko, Noelle, John, Smith and Anne, Happy New Year. I wish you all the success this new year.
*BELLSOUTH QSP TEAM - I had the best time of my work life when I was working with you. Boss Vannie, Ruben and Haziel. You should take all the credit with the fine work that you have put in to make the QSP team effective and productive.
*BELLSOUTH TEAM PENGUIN - You were the first ones to give me the chance to succeed in a call center industry. You celebrated with me during my good accomplishments, you stood by me and helped me get back on my feet when I made my mistakes, you defended me when I needed it most. Boss Harold, Tier 2 Jhay, many thanks.
*TO MY BEST FRIENDS - Kristine Alimagno Teope and Cora Dunca Zapantha; I wish you all the best marriage has to offer. I am so blessed to be your friend, for how long has it been?? Whoa!!! 10 years already... I love you girls.
*TO MY FRIENDS - Marching Morons and TIP Voice friends - thanks for your acceptance and thanks for tolerating me. LoL.
*LASTLY, TO MY FAMILY - Nay, Tito Lando, Kuyang Andoy, Ate Loleng, Dano, RV, Rhobee, hipag Arriane, pamangkins (Princess, Bijang and Baby Chuchay); Thank you so much for the loving support. I LOVE YOU ALWAYS.

     So how do I measure a year in my life???
     I measure it with time well spent with my family, friends and co-workers!
     With this, I can now say Sayonara 2009, Moshi-moshi 2010!!!