Thursday, August 26, 2010

Admitting one's flaws.. Might have been the perfect answer

I watched a news feed via the internet discussing the "blunder" that some might say Miss Philippines bet to the Miss Universe 2010 Beauty Pageant, Ma. Venus Raj, has committed.

Now for me, in a normal conversation, no one really would like to admit their mistakes in front of others. It makes us vulnerable and it takes a certain kind of trust for us to air out skeletons in our closets. What more if you were being watched by millions of strangers... it just takes a lot of guts and quick witticism to deflect that too-personal of a question.

So to those who are still castigating her for having a hard time answering her question, watch this and you might be inclined to give her a little bit more slack.

But still.. this is a beauty contest and as prestigious as this event was, she should have been more willing to do everything just to win the crown. As what the anchor said at the end of the news feed... "No answer. No Crown"!!! And the kicker of all...

"Admitting one's flaws.. Might have been the perfect answer" -- Ouch...

Though for these 4 sisters, whatever mistakes, Venus Raj may have made... they will forever be Venus Raj FANADDICTS.. Nyahaha

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