Sunday, August 15, 2010

Spicy Italian wears BenchBody

(NOTE: If you were expecting a picture of a spicy Italian man wearing nothing but BenchBody underwears, you are sadly mistaken and mislead. Hehehehe!!!!)

Yesterday after gym, CV and I, was supposed to watch a movie but since he had to take care of his sister, I just decided to eat.

If you have not tried SUBWAY® Philippines, now is a good opportunity. They have a promo called Sub of the Day and you can order their selected Sub for the Day for only P99.00. You can save as much as P50 off the original SubPrice.

Now, the first time that I ate here ages ago, I was kinda a bit embarrassed because they will ask you how your Sub would be prepared, so for those who has not gone there yet, I'll let you in on what to expect.

Step 1: Choose your bread.
They have 4 types of bread to choose from: Wheat; Honey Oat; Parmesan Oregano; Italian
Step 2: Toast or No Toast
They's just ask you whether you'd like your bread to be toasted. I usually do.
Step 3: Veggies
Look into their selection of veggies and let the Sub-make know what you don't like to be added into your sub. If they don't hear any special requests, they'll add all in.
Step 4: Sauce
Last would be to choose which sauce you'd like to add into your Sub. They have Mayonnaise; Oil and Vinegar (my favorite); Sweet Onion; Honey Mustard
There you go!!! You now have Sub in Hand. Add P60 for the chips/brownie and drinks and you can now enjoy your healthy sandwich.

My usual favorite is Tuna, but for yesterday I tried their Spicy Italian Sub.

Tuna SUB (from
After eating, I decided to window shop and unfortunately for my savings, Glorietta was on a mall-wide sale so when I chanced upon the BenchBody store, I couldn't resist the boxer briefs on sale.

I actually have been thinking of buying new boxers for quite sometime now so it was not in anyway an impulsive purchase.

I picked out these two sexy boxers and I couldn't wait to try them on because I know I'm gonna look dashing in them (LOL.... wink.wink)

I like the white one
The orange is so FLASHY!!!

Hmmmn, I just thought now... EVERYONE NOW KNOWS WHAT I'M WEARING INSIDE... YIKESSS (hehehe!!!)

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