Monday, January 18, 2010

On the weekend that was... January 15-17


What a weekend that was that just went by. On the last day of my work week, I initially planned on the following activities:

Friday morning: Laundry day. My dirty clothes are piling up.
Friday night: Go out on a date
Saturday afternoon: Team Building with the management team of my work
Saturday night: LA's despedida

It's the start of a wonderful weekend...

Well, almost all of my planned activities did push through except for some.

Friday morning: I prepared to do my laundry that morning by soaking my laundry in soapy water the night before. I texted my cousin, Panget, to buy me surgical gloves that I can use because my hands bruise easily when doing laundry and I did not want to spend the week after with the bruise. To my dismay, Panget failed to buy the gloves so I ended up washing my car instead. Badtrip.

Chlorinated Brain's Love Life.. wushuu!!!

Friday night: I met my date at SM Bicutan and we proceeded to SM MOA with me driving my car. We went out and bought our tickets for "DayBreakers". The movie was a surprise because both me and my date enjoyed it.

Just to give you a synopsis: The year is 2019. Imagine being in a world where everyone is a vampire and humans are near extinction. The remaining humans are being hunted and farmed!!!, yup, farmed for their blood. Almost everything in your daily life revolves around the vampire's food. You wanna buy coffee? Would you want it with 20% Human Blood?  Daytime world is deserted while the night time swarms with active life, vampire life that is. The kids go to school at night time and everyone is immortal. But what happens when human blood is dwindling and their source is nowhere to be found?... Watch the movie and find out for yourself.

Prior to the movie, we had our dinner at Coco Grill and I ordered Fried Hito because I was craving for some fish. It was mouth-watering. I didn't even wait for the rice before I started digging in. Hehe.

After the movie, date and I went clubbing at O Bar in Malate. It was really nice to just go out and enjoy your night. I had a good time.

The famous "Fried Hito" LOL

Why was it cancelled???

Saturday afternoon: Unfortunately, our team building at work did not push through for some unknown reason. It was cancelled so abruptly that my fellow team leader, Virgie, even brought her change of clothes with her in preparation to our team building. So instead of staying at home, I went to MOA to do some wi-fi stuff.

Weekend's "LA"st Hurrah!!! Au Revoir LA.

Saurday night: I fetched my team mate MJ at the office because I kinda promised her that I would since we could not find a schedule swap for her to be out of the office last Saturday. So instead of a possible Lost Hours, I just agreed to drive her to LA's despedida

Well, both MJ and I were not disappointed because Clownz Quezon Ave was jampacked. The comedians/comediennes were very funny and it was so refreshing to just laugh out loud. Thanks LA for a wonderful night.

Me and LA (it is flying off to Singapore)                  

From left: Party girl LA, me, MJ, Chris and Marie

Back to work life...

Well, Sunday came and I had to be back at the office at 3am early Sunday morning but with the weekend activities that I had, I was more than willing to battle the work week ahead. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed living it. Until next week!!! Ciao.

(Ooops, I failed to mention. I spent the rest of the Friday night at date's house. Unfortunately, I don't kiss and tell on this part so, Sayonara!!)

And if you were wondering about my laundry, it was just done early Monday... Hahaha.

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