Friday, January 1, 2010

How do you measure a year in a life: A tribute to 2009

     "How do you measure a year in a life?"
      Let me measure it with the new friends that I met, the old ones that I kept and the loved ones that I hold dear to my heart.

*TEAM BABYLONIANS - Thanks for giving me the opportunity to lead. Thank you so much for the respect that you've freely offered. I hope to be able to return back, with the utmost of my abilities, the recognition that you deserve.
*TEAM GMACI - You have given me a new home. Thank you so much. Boss Eugene, Boss Jade, Jenny, Carlo, Justin, Virgie, Jasper and Cris. Thanks a lot for all the help. I am so lucky to be a part of a group of seasoned leaders.
*TEAM POKIMISHI RANK - I owe you so much. You were the first team that I handled and I wish that I had the experience that I have now when I was working with you. You should have had all the best and I'm afraid I may not have given you all that you deserve.
*TEAM TWC - It was a short-lived acquaintance yet you have given me the wings to fly and the wits to handle any work-related obstacle that I have now. Boss Kookie, Boss Gerard, cluster mates, Egie, Nikko, Noelle, John, Smith and Anne, Happy New Year. I wish you all the success this new year.
*BELLSOUTH QSP TEAM - I had the best time of my work life when I was working with you. Boss Vannie, Ruben and Haziel. You should take all the credit with the fine work that you have put in to make the QSP team effective and productive.
*BELLSOUTH TEAM PENGUIN - You were the first ones to give me the chance to succeed in a call center industry. You celebrated with me during my good accomplishments, you stood by me and helped me get back on my feet when I made my mistakes, you defended me when I needed it most. Boss Harold, Tier 2 Jhay, many thanks.
*TO MY BEST FRIENDS - Kristine Alimagno Teope and Cora Dunca Zapantha; I wish you all the best marriage has to offer. I am so blessed to be your friend, for how long has it been?? Whoa!!! 10 years already... I love you girls.
*TO MY FRIENDS - Marching Morons and TIP Voice friends - thanks for your acceptance and thanks for tolerating me. LoL.
*LASTLY, TO MY FAMILY - Nay, Tito Lando, Kuyang Andoy, Ate Loleng, Dano, RV, Rhobee, hipag Arriane, pamangkins (Princess, Bijang and Baby Chuchay); Thank you so much for the loving support. I LOVE YOU ALWAYS.

     So how do I measure a year in my life???
     I measure it with time well spent with my family, friends and co-workers!
     With this, I can now say Sayonara 2009, Moshi-moshi 2010!!!

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