Thursday, October 7, 2010

Star-studded Monday

So! After pigging out last Saturday and gorging myself with alcohol on Sunday, it just meant that my weekend house chores were left undone. It was a good thing that I was on PTO (vacation leave) that Sunday because that is supposed to be the start of my workweek. I have the entire morning of Monday to catch up.

Laundry being done before noon, I headed to the gym and got a good workout. I was working the weights when in comes....

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Now, the gym being a "celebrity gym," they frown upon regular customers encroaching on the privacy of their more famous customers, and considering my uber shyness, I was content with getting glimpses of him while working out (see my other blog about the gym)

After the beef-show, I went to the gym's 3rd floor for my cardio and ....

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There was Hilary Isaac, getting ready to start her boxing session. I'm sure I've mentioned Hilary before in my other post. If you like to follow her on Twitter, you can do so @hilaryisaac.

So all in all, it was a pretty star-studded Monday. (Darn it! I sure wish I can come up with funny witticisms like Ms. Chuniverse coz I'm sure that it would make my blog more interesting to read. But sad to say, I can only recount what happened without the added puns so you'll just have to make do.)

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