Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Chunky Boy's with the Boss

After the curry overload last Saturday, my Boss texted me on Sunday because Convergy's Sportsfest is about to end and our program grabbed the 3rd spot of the Volleyball Tournament. To show my support, I went to "The Zone" but just a tad late because the awarding ceremony already ended when I arrived.

And in celebration to that great feat by our volleyball team, our Boss treated us to a watering hole called Chunky Boy's.

Photo from: Facebook
If you had a hard days work and you and your friends/workmates would like to unwind a bit until the rush hour traffic has come and gone, you might wanna try this place out.

Chunky Boy is located at Ground Level, Units M and N, Lotus Tower Oriental Gardens, Pasong Tamo cor. Export Bank Ave. Makati City. You can call them up at 728-5588 or you can add them on Facebook: click this link

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