Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Runway Tagay... or should I say Roadtrip Tagay??

It was another adventure of me and my car, Randy, last weekend.

My friend, Akihiro, invited me last two weeks ago to tag along with him and his friends on their planned trip to the beach. Of course, I was a willing participant once they mentioned roadtrip and beach together in a sentence.

We planned on meeting in Makati @4am Saturday morning. I was prepared to spend Friday night resting and preparing for the trip but to no avail.

My other friend, Ricky, texted and asked me if I want to go to a bar in Ortigas. He knows someone from the inside that included us in the guest list. That's why I found myself, Ricky and his housemate, Ken, drinking and dancing Friday night in a crowded "O Bar" in Ortigas. It was only a little bit later that I found out that the Liquor Ban would start on Sunday, that's why the gay guys in the metro were so intent in gorging themselves with alcohol. Hehehe.

O Bar Ortigas
2/F Ortigas Home Depot
Julia Vargas, Ortigas, Pasig City
Anyway, after a couple of vodka tonic, I looked at my watch and it was already Saturday morning @ 5am. Akihiro was definitely pissed when his cab pulled in front of the bar. I texted him that I would just hang out at the bar until our meeting time earlier that night. I did not know that the inside of the club did not have any cellphone signal and that he has been calling me since 4am.

Well, I just used my charm to make him forget my transgression and fortunately, with a little bit of smile and profuse apologies, it was all water under the bridge. We picked up 3 more of his friends to carpool with us in Cubao and we were on our way.

By almost 9:30am, we arrived at the beach and boy!!!! It was RELAXING!!!

I still don't have my own camera so I just browsed the internet to give you a glimpse of what I saw. You can check this link for the pictures... PUNDAQUIT BEACH.

Photo from: Lawstude's Journeys
It was already Sunday afternoon that we decided to head back to Manila, but not before we pass by my personal favorite Taco Shop in Olonggapo City (Near Subic Freeport).


Hard-Shell Taco
Soft-Shell Taco
All in all, it was a great weekend. I wonder where our (me and my car) next adventure would be. Who would I be with?

Wanna come with?

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  1. nice one! astig talaga mag-travel sa pinas :D

  2. hahahha lester

    tadaima chigau to arimasen, beatuo yo hashino matoni, onamai dengwa banggotto youkewo hanashi kudasai!!

  3. @Nimmy: Yeah.. plus. puro pa mga sisters na malalandi ang kasama ko kaya sobrang laugh trip to the max

  4. @Anonymous: I'm not sure what you were saying :-( Sorry I won't be able to respond. It seemed like you were asking me for something..

  5. Oh hey! O Bar! Nice place that. Hope you get to check out the original Malate branch too.

  6. @PinoyAvenger: Yeah... I've been there some times too. Hey, if you see me, do catch my attention.. Malapit na Nov. 2. Kwentuhan tayo about WOT. :-)

  7. Of course! Kaya lang pucha! Delayed eh. 2nd to 3rd week of November pa daw sabi ng Fully Booked.

  8. @PinoyAvenger: Yeah.. bad trip!!! I read your FB status.. Sayang.. akala ko mababasa ko naaaa...

  9. I just wanna ask, you're gay?no offense