Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Career Day

Our company just had our "Career Day" last night and I must say, I was very surprised with the turnout because almost all (except for 1 or 2) participated in the event. I actually had fun preparing for it.

Just to give you some of the highlights of the event, here are some of the pictures that were taken.

The last two pictures were of the management team, who also dressed up for the event. This morning, Facebook was littered with picture uploads and comments regarding the event.

Now, everyone is waiting to know who the winning team is.

The team who wins gets P1,500 cash prize and P3,000 worth of team dinner.

UPDATE: As of Wednesday, 10/20/2010, Team Viper was announced as the winner with Team Babylonians at a close second placer. Team Insomniacs grabbed the 3rd place and Team Gutzy and Team Unlimited settled for 4th and 5th place, respectively.

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