Friday, February 5, 2010

Assuming I'd Grow Old...

♫What's going to happen?
What does the future hold?
So many things that I put off
Assuming I'd have time, assuming I'd grow old
What's going to happen?
And will I be alive tomorrow?
What's going to me?♫

Haven’t you ever wondered what you have in store for you when you grow old?

I was watching reruns of Scrubs last night and there was this musical episode when the song above was performed. The message of the song struck me more now than when I first saw it a long time ago because I just finished reading “The Time Traveller’s Wife” and both song and book story made me think…

Assuming I’d grow old, what’s going to happen?

I wouldn’t mind having the ability to travel through time in the future and sit down with my future self just to get a glimpse of what my future looks like. I imagine asking him so many questions.

Do I have a lifetime partner in my future?
Would I have my own house and lot?
What car would I be driving?
Would I still be working?
What kind of books would I like by then?
Am I happy?

These are the questions that I would have liked to have some answers right now, just for me to know if there is something out there for me to look forward to. I’d like to know what my future holds. I especially want to know what were the opportunities that I’ve let pass. It is way too easy for us to take a pass on a chance because we always think, “hey, I have plenty of time to get to it.”

I’d hate it if my life is made up mostly of “what ifs”. I wish someone could tell me everything's going to be okay.

Unfortunately, life is not a book that you can read in one sitting. It is not a movie that you can fast-forward in the end and see what would happen. Nor can anyone time-travel in the future to tell me how my life would be.

I’m already 25 and so far, I’m having the time of my life. With this blog, I want to chronicle the thoughts that crossed my mind, the things that I did, the books that I appreciated, the movies that gave me my flair of emotions and the romantic experiences that I’ve, all of which would shape how I would become.

I can say that I’ve had some dreams on my to-do list that I’ve put on hold for the meantime because LIFE got in the way, but I swear, once I’m financially stable, I’ll definitely go back to them and cross ‘em one by one.

So if you ask me what is going to happen assuming I’d grow old? I really don’t know. Although, I am going to do my best to make sure that I enjoy every minute of it.

And to my future self, all I can say to you is “Wait for me, will ya? I’m making sure you’re happy and fulfilled.”

"You're going to be OK."


  1. Well, I'm sure almost everyone wants to know what's going to happen. The reason why people always say: "I've got plenty of time to do it", is that everyone understands that something wrong may happen any time. It's easier not to think that life is short... we always think that it's endless.
    I've just watched this episode from Scrubs and it really appealed to my heart. Really, what's going to happen assuming I'd grow old?

  2. Hey, thanks for posting a comment. I appreciate it..