Monday, February 22, 2010

QSP Get Together (Feb 19 - 21 Weekend part 2)

Feb 20, 2010, Saturday

I had a lot of activities planned for today. As I have mentioned, our Baguio trip got cancelled so it gave me the time to attend the long planned QSP Get Together.

I stopped by the office at 10am because Mini-Team #3 of Team Babylonians will bring food today as their punishment for having the most Lost Hours for the month of January. It was a pleasant feast because Kirby prepared Bicol Express, Mommy Dina brought her famous Caldereta while Yazz bought cake and Geoff took care of the refreshment.

And you have to know this about me, If there is Free Food, I'm there!!! I am such a sucker for free food (pun intended, LOL).

Afterwards, Angel and Gab invited me to join their lunch out with TL Chris at Bonifacio High Street so I tagged along and we ate at TGIF. It was a really good treat, and since it was free, I was more than thrilled.

From left: Gab, Melvin and Me) @ TGIF - Bonifacio High Street

 We then went to Seattle's Best to cool off after having that wonderful lunch. Thanks to Team Unlimited by the way for feeding me. Hehehe.

After that, it was time for my DVD hunting in Quiapo. I drove off to Arlegui St. dropping off Frankie in PWU for his class because it was on my way anyhow.

I got good selection of movies and series at Quiapo and I'll talk about them on my next blogs.

Night time came and I'm off to Center Stage in Jupiter Street for Bellsouth-PBCom's QSP Get together party. This has been postponed several times and I am very excited to be with my previous QSP's to talk about the past and reminisce the good times.

We ended the party at about 1am Sunday morning and the party was all that I expected and more. I got to talk to my fellow Quality peeps again. Most of us have been promoted already. The attendees were: Febz, Sasha, Jos, Me, Rhoobz, Anjaimar, Jay, Lester, Aiza, Danzel, Diana, Myla.

Until Next Time fellow QSP's. You all have been a good friend and better as co-workers, mentor and coach. As our motto goes: "I like to mownit, mownit".

Feb 21, 2010, Sunday morning

1am: I'm on my way to Malate to meet with my date for the night. I'm supposed to have shift later at 3am but I filed for PTO because I know that my get together party with my fellow QSPs will run until the morning.

I have never been to Chelu so I was kinda excited to see what's inside this bar.The entrance fee is P200.00 which entitles you to two (2) free drinks.

It was basically the same as with other gay bars. It was funny that when the DJ played "Bad Romance" almost everybody in the bar started singing along. During the song, it seemed like I was the only one in the entire bar who has not memorized the lyrics.

4am: I was starting to get really sleepy because of the full day that I had, Saturday, so I excused myself from my date and his friends and slept at my car.

5am: I suddenly woke up disoriented and I saw that my date had several miss calls to my phone which I accidentally turned to silent mode.

5:15am: Date and I decided to go home. I ended my weekend profusely apologizing to my date for sleeping while we were out on a date. That was really funny!!!

Until next time peeps.

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