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When you "Like"; You help.

It has been a while since I have posted here in my blog. Christmas, New Year, Valentines, Graduations and Araw ng Kagitingan has all passed by since you last saw my entry.

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I kept on pushing back my "RETURN" and waited for a very explosive, exclusive and juicy gossip about my life. Alas! nothing of that sort happened. My life = still boring.

But when I received a text message from someone, who has been a part of one of the stories that I have posted so far (click here), I felt that this event is enough for me to follow kick my lazy ass back to the PC and type an article.

Remember Reynan of Virlanie Foundation (read story here)? The kids needed our help again in a very simple manner. It won't even take you two minutes to lend a helping hand.

Want to know how? It's very simple...

(The following texts are copied from

Megaworld Lifestyle Centers celebrate the spirit of giving with The Easter Eggxhibit. Ten celebrities volunteered to design giant eggs and battle off for their chosen charity. Celebrities have varied charities to support. The efforts of whom will highlight the importance of social responsibility and how each one gives back as answer to all blessings bestowed upon them.

Megaworld Lifestyle Centers will donate to the corresponding charity winning Egg so be sure to check out all the eggs!

Online Voting Mechanics:
1. Go to &
2. Like the page.
3. Check the Easter Eggxhibit Photo album and “Like” the most creative Easter Egg. 1 Like = 1 Vote
4. Each egg represents a celebrity’s chosen charity and the most number of combined likes from both pages plus votes during the launch will be considered the winner.
5. Online voting period is from April 11 to May 12. Winner will be announced on May 13.

The Easter Eggxhibit will be on display at Eastwood Mall Atrium from April 11 to April 17 then at Newport Plaza at Resorts World Manila from April 18 to May 12.

(End of copied text)

Again, the simplified steps are:
And simple as that, you just gave them 1 vote. To further add another vote in their name, go to and do the same steps as above. The photo with the most number of likes will reward the corresponding charity, 100K.

I have never campaigned for any of you, my friends, to like any page in FB, even though my friends kept asking me to campaign for their pages in their behalf. But for Virlanie Foundation, my time, effort and social responsibility will always be available.

Remember my story?
"A man was walking down the beach one day and, off in the distance, he could see someone dancing, running from the waves up onto the sand and back again. He had never seen anything more beautiful.
As he got closer, he saw that it was a young boy and he wasn't dancing at all. He was picking up something and throwing it into the ocean over and over again.
He asked the boy what he was doing and the boy said he was saving the starfish. They had washed up on the beach and would die if he didn't throw them back in the water.
The man looked up and down the shoreline and saw thousands of starfish stranded in the sand. He told the boy that there was no way he could save all those starfish and the few he did save would make little difference.
The boy looked back at him and, holding up the starfish in his hands, said, "It will make all the difference to this one."
By voting for Virlanie Foundation, you just saved one starfish. YOU just saved one orphan/street-child. It might not save the thousands of other orphans/street-children in the country, but at least you made a HUGE difference to the betterment of a few.

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