Sunday, December 5, 2010

December: Oh the merry month.

December already started and just as I have predicted, it is going to be a month of parties and weekend activities. Busy, busy month it would be.

It all started yesterday when I got kicked out of my room because my cousin, Panget, wanted to use it to host a DVD marathon party for her friends. My room needed a good scrubbing to I went along with the ban. According to her, I should not be at home between 7am of Friday until Saturday afternoon.

What does a guy like me have to do to pass the time?

Well, I went to the gym first then caught a movie with my ex, (if you are planning to watch Skyline, better watch another movie).

Afterwards, I went to Ricky's house and hung out with the unruly group of residents at Citihomes Apartment (Jay, Urville, Ken and Linjun).

I finally had the time to sit back and watch "Notes of a Scandal" (I still have not figured out if the character of Judi Dench was gay) and "Book of Levi" and both had better storyline than "Skyline."

I have always enjoyed my visit to this apartment because it always ensues a good time of bonding with friends.

Saturday, early morning, Gab, Melvin and I headed to Kirby's (the ChupaChups Gang) house for our planned pig-out day. And boy, was it a feast!!!

We were at their backyard "kubo" overlooking Laguna De Bay, with the bay breeze streaming in our faces and the noonday sun in its most potent state grazing the scenery while we enjoyed a very hearty lunch.

I mean an unlimited choice of grilled tilapia, sinigang na baboy, grilled pork chop, bottomless iced tea, white rice and for desert, we had fruit salad.

With luncheon done, Kirby, being a good host that he is cooked some popcorn and popped in the CD "After Life" starring Cristina Ricci, Liam Neeson and Justin Long.

I was already drowsy from the big lunch and Kirby's bed was so inviting and lulling me to dreamland but the movie kept on jerking me awake.

Before the day ended, Gab tweeted that if this is how a day would look like when we are rooming with each other in an apartment, then she's all for it. Frankly, seeing how fun it was hanging out at Citihomes Apartment, I wouldn't mind having room mates either.

My weekend is actually not done until 10pm tonight and I still have our company's Christmas Party to attend to at SMX near Mall of Asia, but that is a blog on it's own so I'll give you guys an update by tomorrow how that went.

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  1. wow! now that's a film-filled start of December! hehehe

  2. @Nimmy: Yup. It seemed like it. I actually just realized that when I was doing this entry. I was focused more on the other activities. :-)

  3. Hehehe! Great weekend for us huh! I enjoyed you guys hanging out here at my place and wouldn't mind having you guys here again. But room mates? Nah! I can see myself being an achoy with you guys! December is a month of good celebration and spending the hard earn money! Pero ikaw, paramdam mo naman samen ang pera mo, MANLIBRE KA! napaka hina naman namen sayo.

  4. Appreciate the fact that you enjoyed your time here in the apartment. Unfotunately it's not BOOK OF's BOOK OF ELI hahahaha....too late...

    Anyway, let's change things next time....why dont you bring some films to watch....Tag along some friends.

    By the way, I re-arranged the set up in the apartment. I think its cozier now...Im curious how Kirby's place looks like hehehe...

    Anyway, on to our next dvd marathon again....

  5. @ArCeeTee: Nyahaha.. That was a case of conscious-unconscious. See, in my mind, I've always titled the movie "Book of Levi", pero, tama naman yung picture.. PLANGAAKK!!!