Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Credit Card Debt-Free; And I'm lovin' it.

Yesterday, one MAJOR, MAJOR thing happened to me!!!

I am FINALLY free of credit card debt.

Yup... you read that right!!! I budgeted my 13th month pay and finally paid off the remaining balance of my credit cards.

And to temper the never-ending urge to swipe those plastic cards again, I took a big scissor and in front of my workmate, Hazel German, cut that dastardly piece of junk into pieces.

How about that for a statement, huh???

I know, I know. It's so much drama just to announce that I am credit-card debt free, but if you just knew how hard it was for me to do that, you'd be cheering me on right now!!! Hehehe.

I just think that this calls for a pat on the back for me (--grins--).

Wait, can someone pat me in the back?? Please??? (hehe)

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  1. naks! may pa-cut cut effect pa oh. hihi

  2. @Nimmy: Para wala na talagang temptation. Hehehe..

  3. Congrats! May good debt and bad debt so don't be afraid of credit.

  4. @Thirdy: Yeah. :-) I'm still paying for my car, so I guess that's what you mean by good debt right? :-)

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