Monday, March 22, 2010

Babylonians conquered Puerto Galera

We only had one goal. To get out of the city and make sure to celebrate our efforts in being the #1 by a mile. I just emailed them on January that we got the #1 spot for half of the months of 2009 and we have been waiting for an opportunity to clear all our schedules and go to a beach.

Finally, we finished our stint at the morning shift so we were able to fix our schedules and settled on March 20-21. We also got some money saved from our rewards for the past three months totalling to about P8,800.

With the money to spend and the time to do it, only one problem remains... WHERE???

I was just in Laguna last week so Pansol is definitely out of the list. We've also been to Laiya already on our first team building so Batangas is not a choice to pick. Tagaytay was the Best of the Best part 2 venue. So we had to brainstrom and tossed a few more locations in the table finally settling with Puerto Galera.

Honestly, I have never been to Puerto Galera and I know, I know, it's wierd. I'm supposed to have gone there already, being who I am. But I had no one who invited me to go there yet so that now that I am about to see "where the magic happens" as they say, my excitement is undescribeable.

The day finally came:

Luggage           - Check
Pocket Money  - Check
Chips                - Check

WE ARE READY!!! Puerto Galera, here we come!

We started off at the office and we were lucky to find a van to get us to the port of Batangas instead of riding the bus. We wanted minimal stopovers so a van would be the best way.

The good thing about our contact in Puerto Galera, Blue Water Lodge, Kuya Jerry, is his extensive contacts so we were able to get a discounted round trip ticketfor the boat from Batangas Port to Puetro Galera Island.

Photos: At the boat, waiting.. waiting.. waiting...

We immediately got the team building stuff ASAP so we can enjoy the place to its utmost. Kirby, one of my team mates, asked us to draw something that best describes the person that we picked and another drwaing to describe me. I appreciated all that they had to say about me. It's surprising because I never heard them say those kind words to me before. I guess it's true what they say that people act different when they are out of their comfort zone.

Done with the serious stuff... PARTY TIME!!! We all had one thing common in mind. It's time for the booze.

Photo below: Kirby Cruz

Photo above: Our Tanggera, Yazzmin Yang
Photo below: Cherdy Asuncion with her signature look 

Photo above (from left): Argie Guiling, Sage Tanriosa and Justin Katigbak

Photo below: Kirby Cruz, dunk that shot.

Photo below (from left): Sage, Justin Katigbak, Johann Relucio
Photo below: Johann trying to drown himself w/ alcohol
Photo above: Yazzmin Yang
Photo below: Argie Guiling

Photo above: Kirby, fucked up.
Photo below: The boys (from left) Johann, Argie and Doc
Photo above: Julius Gumiran and Yazz

The funny part at the end of the drinking session was that Kirby threw up behind my back and I did not even feel it because I was fast asleep.

He gingerly cleaned up his mess to the delight of Mommy Dina who could not disguise her amusement. AMAZING!!!

But with any other vacation, it had to end sometime so the next morning, we packed our bags, but not after some of them had their dip in the beach.

It was a great time for me, spending time with my team mates. I would give up my time, extra effort and professional expertise to be able to at least be worthy of being called their team mate. 

To our next team building guys...

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