Sunday, March 7, 2010

Au Revoir Passerby

It was definitely a shocker.

If you would ask me who would be the first to work abroad between my Voice friends, I would have picked me first. That was why when Mikaela chatted me sometime in the last week of February to clear my schedule for the first week of March for a despedida party, I immediately asked, "for whom?" He then sheepishly replied, "para sa akin."

Hehe. It seemed like Mikaela will be trying to pass by the barren dessert of the Middle East in search for a greener pasture. It figures. Mikaela has always been a passerby and I think he will always be until he grows old.

The party was set for March 6. There would be free food and free swimming party and you should know by now that I am definitely a sucker for free food so off we go to Pansol, Laguna for probably the last get-together of the Marching Morons and their extended Famy family.

In this photo: Bert Reyes and Family; Butch and Gf; Ian; Toto and Gf; Ugay and fiancee; Jalin; Jacq; Apol; Vhia; Jec; Mikaela; Joey and Orange.

Me and Jalin's Back

We had a good time. I'm just sorry I had to work Sunday morning because I could have spent more time with the group.

Well, anyway. It was still something for the books and I know, deep down, that even if we don't cross paths for a long time, once we do, it would be as if no time has passed by. We would still be close friends. Forever. Bonded by our common love of the Muse Calliope.

Au Revoir Passerby. You will be missed.

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